Luca Son- Guest Speaker
TEI Consultant
Forrester Consulting
Liz Fong-Jones
Principal Developer Advocate

Teams seeking powerful debugging tools to quickly identify deeply hidden software issues that directly impact customer experience quickly see the immediate benefits of using Honeycomb. 

At the same time, they may have a harder time quantifying Honeycomb’s longer-term impacts in conversations with stakeholders that measure things like cost savings and bottom lines. This Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, commissioned by Honeycomb and conducted by Forrester Consulting, closely examines the quantified benefits, cost savings, and ROI of Honeycomb's observability.

Honeycomb Principal Developer Liz Fong-Jones and guest speaker Forrester TEI Consultant Luca Son share how four companies stopped revenue leakage and achieved fast time to value with Honeycomb by solving multiple challenges when managing applications running on complex architectures. The companies in this study represent organizations in the technology, financial services, and fintech industries.

This webinar shares more about the TEI framework and how it applies to your organization. Forrester details how implementing Honeycomb's observability solution not only helped these companies quickly resolve incidents and build more resilient services, but also enabled them to achieve several quantifiable and unquantifiable results over three years including:

  • 296% ROI
  • $2.68 million in cost savings
  • $4.43 million in net present value
  • Several additional unquantifiable benefits (faster innovation, better customer experiences, and more)