About the book

As the term “observability” has emerged from the leading edge of systems engineering to the vernacular of software engineering, it has also suffered the (inevitable) fate of being conflated with adjacent concepts: specifically monitoring, visibility, and telemetry.

Authors Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones, and George Miranda cut through the marketing hype to concretely demonstrate what observability is, how it is different, and how to practice it with both your applications and your teams. The book bridges both the theoretical and practical to envisage structured events as the atomic building block necessary for observability and then follows its lineage through core concepts like distributed tracing, iterative verification of hypotheses, and debugging from first principles with the core analysis loop.


Readers of this book will learn:

  • The value of practicing observability when delivering and managing complex cloud-native applications and systems
  • The impact observability has across the entire software engineering cycle
  • Software ownership: how different functional teams help achieve system SLOs
  • How software developers contribute to customer experience and business impact
  • How to produce quality code for context-aware system debugging and maintenance
  • How data-rich analytics can help you find answers quickly when maintaining site reliability

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