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Keynote + Workshop Details

Keynote: Observability-Driven Development

As more and more software engineers own the code they write, we are seeing a natural increase in their curiosity about the performance of their code and impact on end users in production. In this keynote address, we'll hear from Charity Majors, Honeycomb co-founder and CTO, on how observability 2.0 enables a culture of curiosity within engineering teams, leading to better performing code, happier customers, and happier engineering teams.


Workshop I: OpenTelemetry Collector

Transform Your Skills with our immersive workshop designed for the forward-thinking developers and platform engineers. Dive deep into telemetry pipelines, processors, and troubleshooting techniques. This session is your launchpad to mastering observability and telemetry in today's tech universe.


Workshop II: Advanced Instrumentation with OpenTelemetry

Step into the future of technology with our interactive workshop, tailor-made for visionary developers and platform engineers. Immerse yourself in the world of telemetry pipelines, advanced processors, and efficient troubleshooting methods. This workshop is your gateway to excelling in observability and telemetry within the modern tech landscape.

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