Unlock the secrets of observability and supercharge your code debugging skills!

🤔 Are you curious about the buzz around observability? Wonder no more! Discover how this powerhouse practice can revolutionize the way you debug and deploy quality code with blazing speed. Join us for an eye-opening live demo where Honeycomb's powerful tools bring your telemetry data into sharp focus, allowing you to ask deep questions and get answers in real-time, no matter the complexity!

🌟 What you'll discover

✅ In-depth telemetry inquiry:
Learn to visualize, group, and filter by any attribute—even unique identifiers—and do it all at lightning-fast speeds.
✅ Mastering distributed tracing:
Find out how to make distributed tracing your best friend by uncovering intricate details and connections to see your application's true performance in production.
✅ SLO-powered debugging:
See how Service Level Objectives (SLOs) can be more than just targets; they're your roadmap for a debugging adventure, steering you away from errors and towards reliability.

🎯 Who should zoom in?

  • Software developers:
    Get real-time feedback on your code's performance in the wild. Make sure your latest deployment is hitting all the right notes.
  • Site reliability engineers (SREs):
    Discover how SLOs can transform your alert strategy from a constant buzz to a meaningful signal.

👩‍💻 Ready to dive in?

Embrace the future of observability with our Honeycomb live demo webinar. This is your chance to explore the untapped potential of your data, learn to navigate the unexpected, and uncover insights that will take your skills to the next level.

📆 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to evolve your approach to software development and operations.