Paige Bernier
Retired SRE, former SWE, and technologist
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Jessica Kerr
Developer Advocate


There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re on call, you get an alert, and you can’t get answers about what is wrong because you don’t have the right data. Paige Cruz has lived this reality. She has held the pager, as an SRE and SWE, at companies such as New Relic, Invision, Lightstep, and Weedmaps. She shares her lessons learned on why rich instrumentation is required for successful debugging, and debunkS myths that it is too hard or expensive to do it. She also discusses why legacy monitoring and metrics cannot show you the reality of how users experience your code.  

This is a great session for Datadog, New Relic, Dynatrace, and AppDynamics users who are considering Honeycomb and want a real-world perspective on the differences.

You’ll learn:            

  • The user experience benefits, and the cost & time savings of moving to a telemetry model that encourages storing and querying rich context (without pricing or performance penalties)
  • Key differences between legacy monitoring/metrics tools and observability with Honeycomb 
  • How those differences lead to new and faster investigation workflows
  • How and why you should educate engineers on the “life of a production request”