Many teams want to adopt observability and Honeycomb, but run into roadblocks with budget holders because they cannot clearly understand the quantified benefits to their end users, their team, and their bottom line. 

This study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Honeycomb,  quantifies the impact of five important variables: increased incremental revenue due to better uptime and performance, and cost savings in a variety of ways, including faster incident response, incident prevention, reduced developer churn, and reduced spend in legacy solutions where instrumenting for rich context is cost-prohibitive. 

The customer interviews and financial analysis conducted independently by Forrester found that a composite organization choosing Honeycomb experiences the following benefits:

  • A three-year ROI of 296%
  • A break-even point less than 6 months into implementation
  • Cost savings of $2.68 million from faster incident response and incident prevention
  • $4.43 million in net present value after three years

Read more by downloading the full TEI study.