Jason Harley
Engineer, API & Partnerships
Alexis Abril
Senior Partner Engineer

Deployments should happen quickly and often. Yet, increasingly complex and distributed cloud systems make it harder to predict the behavior of new releases, causing teams to fear deploying new code. Using Honeycomb queries in GitHub Actions Deployment Protection Rules de-risks deployments, giving developers the confidence to deliver innovation to their customers frequently and stress-free. 

Join GitHub’s Senior Partner Engineer, Alexis Abril and Honeycomb’s Senior API & Partnerships Engineer, Jason Harley for a dive into how you can leverage Honeycomb’s granular observability in your GitHub Actions workflows to make your deployments safe.

Topics include:

  • How GitHub Actions Deployment Protection Rules de-risk your deployment workflows

  • Why incorporating Honeycomb query data into your deployment protection rules ensures stable releases 

  • How to create automated deployments that speed up delivery of new features without compromising safety

  • Suggested Honeycomb queries to ensure release stability

  • How to utilize SLIs to get SLO-like insights