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Honeycomb helps you solve complex problems in production, optimize service performance, and ship features reliably—faster than anyone else, including Splunk. Here’s how we compare:


Honeycomb performs faster with high-cardinality data

When production services are down, you need fast answers. With Splunk logs, querying can take hours to process. Querying, grouping, or filtering any field with Splunk requires prior indexing steps that kill your speed when the unknown unknowns matter.

At Honeycomb, we believe that sifting through high-cardinality data should not break your debugging tool’s performance (or your spend). That's what Honeycomb's customizable Query Builder offers. Your data is available immediately after ingestion, and your queries run in seconds, enhancing real-time exploration and lowering your time to detection.

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Honeycomb saves time with a singular workflow designed to answer novel questions

Splunk gives you a collection of separate products, built for the needs of legacy systems, forced together under one platform. Tools within Splunk are loosely connected and don’t seamlessly flow between the datasets and time ranges you’re working in. When you find something interesting and want to look at it with a new or deeper view, you need to switch to a new tool, reset the workflow, and find it again.

In contrast, Honeycomb centers around one powerful workflow with alerts tied directly to user experience goals, complex querying, and granular, insightful views of the relevant events in your telemetry. It is purpose-built for exploration, and lets you seamlessly click into every interesting data spike, see it in a heatmap, a waterfall trace, or in a stack rank against other correlated event types. Honeycomb helps your team arrive at the answers they need to build great customer experiences.

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Honeycomb's event-based pricing is simple and predictable

Splunk has multiple APM products, and each has separate costs you’ll need to calculate and manage. For example, surfacing and moving high data volumes in Splunk will involve high egress costs. This complicates how you need to predict your spend.

Honeycomb has simple and predictable pricing based entirely on how many events you send us: you should be able to use your telemetry in unlimited ways, with unlimited seats, any way you see fit, with no surprises!

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The Honeycomb Advantage

Honeycomb makes it trivial to sift through a vast range of user transactions, comparing results across thousands of unique high-cardinality dimensions and their billions of combinations, to find the tiniest deviations and surface difficult-to-find issues.

Your systems are complex, but understanding them doesn’t have to be. Spend less time fixing bugs and more time delighting users. Start using Honeycomb today!

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