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Honeycomb helps you solve complex problems in production, optimize service performance, and ship features reliably—faster than anyone else, including Lightstep. Here’s how we compare:


Honeycomb lets you explore and correlate across dimensions

Lightstep lets you choose a range of time (one-dimension) on a single metric and detect what changed.

But to detect deeply hidden issues, you need a tool that can make multi-dimensional correlations on high cardinality data. Honeycomb’s BubbleUp gives you that ability. By instantly surfacing correlated event attributes tied to any ranges you find interesting on an event data heatmap (eg: time, latency, and volume), BubbleUp helps you discover unknown unknowns that matter. It lets you dig deeper and explore your code's dependencies in-depth. Navigate and understand your system complexity down to specific builds, users, and transactions, we won’t abstract it away with one-dimensional views.

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Honeycomb SLOs reduce alert noise and are directly actionable

SLOs (Service-Level Objectives) are the industry-leading way to create actionable alerts and reduce alert noise. Lightstep offers no native SLO interface, so you’ll need to configure a custom alert to track them or work with a separate tool. Honeycomb SLOs are built into the core product, with support for visualized error budget burn alerts and a unique ability to jump straight into debugging exactly why errors are happening. Our unique approach to debuggable Service Level Objectives (SLOs) cuts down on alert noise, team burnout, and the stress of being on-call.

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Honeycomb's event-based pricing is simple and predictable

Lightstep charges separately for active service, storage, timeseries, and streams. This discourages adoption across your stack and capturing the rich debugging context you need with wide events. You may also need to factor in the cost of old satellite installs if you're still on them, and the risk of cost creep as ServiceNow products start to get bundled with Lightstep's packages.

Honeycomb has simple and predictable pricing based entirely on how many events you send us: you should be able to use your telemetry in unlimited ways, with unlimited seats, any way you see fit, with no surprises!

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The Honeycomb Advantage

Honeycomb makes it trivial to sift through a vast range of user transactions, comparing results across thousands of unique high-cardinality dimensions and their billions of combinations, to find the tiniest deviations and surface difficult-to-find issues.

Your systems are complex, but understanding them doesn’t have to be. Spend less time fixing bugs and more time delighting users. Start using Honeycomb today!

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