Charity Majors
CTO & Co-founder
Liz Fong-Jones
Principal Developer Advocate
photo_jessica-kerr (1)
Jessica Kerr
Developer Advocate

Have observability questions you just can’t seem to find the answers for no matter how much you search? Then join us for a live ‘ask me anything’ event on Thursday, January 27, where the women behind the popular blog Ask Miss O11y take the stage!

Charity, Jess, and Liz will quickly recap some observability highlights of 2021 and then open the floor to all of you so that you can ask all of your most pressing questions! Already have some questions in mind? You can also submit them after registering for the event. 

This event will be recorded and available on-demand after the event, but you won’t want to miss out on asking Miss O11y your questions directly. Register today and we’ll see you soon!