Michael Sickles
Solution Architect Team Lead
v lobo
Vivian Lobo
Senior Solution Architect
b langbecker
Brian Langbecker
Solution Architect

Duration: 3 hours

Are you new to tracing or want to learn more about OpenTelemetry (OTel)? Join our interactive OTel workshop on April 12 at 9 a.m. PT. There will be instructor-led exercises, hands-on labs in Zoom breakout rooms, and time for answering your questions about OTel and tracing. Seats are limited, so please register soon!

The automatic instrumentation included with many SDKs can help you understand how your applications interact with other services. But auto-instrumentation doesn’t provide helpful context for things specific to your code. This workshop covers visualizing traces and OTel sample apps:

  • Manually creating spans and traces using OpenTelemetry SDKs in multiple languages

  • The parent/child relationship between spans and working with the current span in context

  • How trace propagation works across services and trace interoperability with other SDKs

  • Instrumenting a message queue pipeline on both the sending and receiving ends to make the entire transaction appear as a single trace

Attendee prerequisites:

A GitPod account is strongly recommended for using the workshop materials in a live environment. You can log into GitPod using your existing GitHub account.

Basic programming knowledge in at least one language of Java, Node.js, or Golang. Attendees should have prior experience delivering and/or operating production software. A Honeycomb account is required (if you don’t have one, you can sign up for free).

Note: Attendees can only complete hands-on portions of this workshop if they meet these requirements.

This workshop has capped participation. If we hit capacity, we will put you on the waitlist.